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TWG in 3D ? - "Nevah Gonah Happan"

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TWG in 3D ? - "Nevah Gonah Happan"

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:29 am

Abdel wrote:
speed freak Daniel wrote:TWG Account Name: speed freak Daniel
Server: 1
Vote: Blue

This new layout it's cool, but seriously...

Don't we have any other better things to do than changing the skin? I mean, about an year ago, the WG was asking for more money to get 3D... Suddenly, the money earned disappeared... Did you forget about it? I didn't...

Dear Speed freak daniel,

When we asked you to support the game it wasn't by any mean a donation demand, but we just encouraged you to buy our products in order to help the game progress and be more entertaining to you. To be honest we expected a quick fullfilement of the progress bar, but it didn't happen.
The bar was progressing very slowly and meanwhile there were expenses that money should cover, such as employees salaries, Hosting fees, Domain name ... etc.

The 3D project requires a lot of funds as you know, so we decided to postpone it until a more convinient time.


We expected you to fill our pockets with more coins, but since we are not satisfied we will just keep what we received and will pay the highly qualified chat mods *Sarcasm*

To pay the staff ?! TWG is the game with the worst customer support! Every problem is just silenced and ignored "and it will fix itself with time".

Thats why we had the entrance fiasco, thats why I had to wait 750 hours(for some reason my timer doubled) for a stat that required 320 ... That was 16 days LOST forever.

Thats why people with 3 non-support accounts get to manage 2 feds as GMs even tho its so easy to see it ... I have to "prove" it ? After 10 screen shot and more witnesses the person still exploits it to the max. A simple IP check takes 20 sec ... what stronger proof ?

But enough for now ... I just wanted to post the quote, but got steamed about the "salaries of the staff" when that staff does nothing! Not for regular players, nor supporters.


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Re: TWG in 3D ? - "Nevah Gonah Happan"

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:37 am

Well, we are members of the Wal-Mart of the internet. (Not our fed, TWG)


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